J. Howell Interview: Upcoming Project, “Hard Days” Single, “RedRoom” album

Today on On The Radar Radio we got to catch up with Memphis singer J.Howell as he is currently gearing up for the release of his next project, which is to be expected sometime in the very near future.

While in 2020 Howell dropped new singles (including a new Christmas record), and his "RedRoom" Acoustic EP this year he is promising his fans that more music is on the way explaining that he is currently focusing on becoming the person who he has always envisioned.

“I really my next focus is becoming who I see myself in my mind, its always that battle with artists and just my everyday person and really trying to tap in to it, I started artist development and trying to tap into myself on stage, with the next album or EP I just want to show more of that whatever that may be I just want to be more expressive and musically go where I want to go”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to J. Howell on iHeartRadio below..

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