Bas On The Jackie W/ J Cole & Lil Tjay, Talks Brooklyn Drill + More!

Bas is back with his first big single of the year with “The Jackie” featuring J. Cole & Lil Tjay. The record, which was inspired by the essence of a New York Summer and the time, Bas (being from Queens) would spend on the Jackie Robinson Parkway traveling back and forth between boroughs.

Sitting down with On The Radar today the Dreamville rapper spoke about his new hit single, how Cole & Tjay got on it, his favorite Brooklyn Drill rappers and even shared with us that “Revenge Of The Dreamer’s 4” will “definitely” be happening.

When it comes to Summer in NYC, almost everyone in the city has their own story of linking up with their friends or significant others in different boroughs and the travel between boroughs to get to them. With “The Jackie” Bas really wanted to reconnect with that Summer NYC energy and make a record that not only those who have spent time on the parkway could relate to but also introduce a piece of the New York Summer experience to the rest of the world.

What I was explaining to Cole after, growing up in Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx etc every Summer you're going to meet a few girls from a different borough and you may link up at a block party and you chop it up, and then you try to link up with them in the Bronx now and you get up there and you're like this is not the friendly territory, one dude may have been her first boyfriend, then her neighbor may be crushing on her, like who’s this n---- tryna take our shorty. So I feel like that’s a relatable Summer love, or I wouldn’t even say love just like a pursuit, that’s kinda where The Jackie was inspired by, obviously, the Jackie Robinson Parkway would take you from Queens to Brooklyn and we would be taking it all the time in the Summer so I was just tryna tap into that and take that energy.

When it came to getting Tjay and Cole on the song, Bas explained that the record was actually birthed during Cole recording “The Off Season”, with 30 minutes left in the session they began to work on the song and came to the conclusion they needed another artist from the city to help capture the feeling they wanted.

“So after we had the convo about the Jackie, we were like another New Yorker from a different borough, Cole is pretty much a Queens n-----, and I’m from Queens so we just need a different perspective, and then his vocals and cadence on that beat just would sound dope which it did so shout out to Lil Tjay”

With the Brooklyn Drill Scene and now rising Bronx Drill scene taking over the sound of the city, Bas also shared some of his thoughts on the new sound. Expressing how much he loves the rawness of the sound and how he’s definitely in tune. The rapper also said he would love to work with the likes of 22GZ, CoachDaGhost, Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow.

“I’m a big fan of the Brooklyn drill scene, I wasn’t really up on the Bronx Drill until you put me on. I've been a fan of Sheff G for some time, I think he’s really dope I wouldn’t even say he’s also strictly drilling, I also like Sleepy Hallow, 22Gz CoachDaGhost, there’s a lot of really dope dudes doing it”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Bas on iHeartRadio below..

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