Aden Dinero On Single With Kay Flock, "Mixed Emotions" Project + More!

After dropping his "Mixed Emotions" project earlier this year featuring the likes of Stunna Gambino, we got to sit down with Aden Dinero for his first official interview on On The Radar!

The young Brooklyn artist who has been buzzing for some time now wanted to do something different when it came to his debut project, sharing that a big part of the "Mixed Emotions" album was that he wanted people to get to know the real him and get an understanding of the things he goes through on a day to day basis.

"I just wanted people to hear how I feel, I was just talking about what I went through, going through mixed emotions, there will be times I'm in a good mood, times I'm in a bad mood, I was just like giving out my moods in a mic in a song, I just wanted people to know the real me, I'm talking to real me"

While the young artist has a few collaborations under his belt the most exciting is his upcoming record with Bronx Drill rapper Kay Flock. The record which he said came from a late-night studio session did leak online but he promises the full joint will be dropping off sometime in the near future.

"I ain't gone lie they going crazy shoutout to them, we tapped in because one of my boys knows him, and ever since then it was love he showed love to my music, ever since I tapped in I liked that gritty drill music, how we did a song we were smacked in the studio late night and ever since then we been tapped in, shoutout to bro"

Check out the full interview above and listen to Aden Dinero on iHeartRadio below...

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