BFB Da Packman On Viral Rod Wave Tweet, XXL Freshman List, Love For Lizzo

After dropping his new album “Fat N------ Need Love Too” we sat down with Flint, Michigan rapper BFB Da Packman. The rapper who rose to stardom online over the past year recruited the likes of Benny The Butcher, Coi Leray, Sada Baby, DDG, Lil Yachty + more for his project. Speaking to Gabe P on On The Radar Radio the rapper spoke about the project, wanting a rematch on his next project with Benny The Butcher, his upcoming single “First Link Stink”,if Lizzo ever went on that date with him + more!

One of the strongest records on BFB’s album is “Frenchmen” with Benny The Butcher, however, BFB wants the smoke with Benny on his next album explaining how he thinks Benny did him over on the record even after Packman rewrote his verse.

“I feel like Benny f----- me over on that track, I feel like I gotta get him on the next one, he sent it over, I re-wrote my s--- and he still murdered me, my next tape im getting him again and im f------ him over, ima say the craziest truthful s---, Im just like f--- it he got down this n---- Benny f----- me over on my song, on my album, Benny I’m coming for that ass and paying for that feature again”

As for what's next for the rapper BFB explained that his next album could arrive by the end of the year but until then he’s planning on dropping his next single “First Link Stink”, which is all about a woman who you fall for on the first date for…. reasons.

“I got this song on there called first link stink, you know what you call your son like come here, come here Lil stinky but, you call a girl you like that’s my stink, that’s my baby, and then you got your first link stink”

Check out the full Interview with BFB Da Packman above and listen to him on iHeartRadio below..

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