Tayy Floss On “Gift Wrap”, Being On Pop Smoke's “Faith” (Deluxe) + More!

Today on On The Radar the one and only Tayy Floss join us. The Canarsie rapper is currently gearing up to release his upcoming “Gift Wrap” EP slated to drop sometime later this Summer. Sitting down with us Floss spoke about the EP, upcoming records with Dusty Locane & Quelly Woo, possibly being on Pop Smole’s “Faith” deluxe tomorrow + more!

Playing the singles game for some time now Tayy is ready to give the people a full body of work this summer. With plans to drop more drill records as well as some other joints showing his diversity the rapper says you can expect it to drop before the end of this summer.

“It’s called Gift Wrap” it's going to have 8-9 songs on there, a couple of features on there I ain’t going to say who yet, ima surprise me, but it's going to be a big one, it's going to take over the whole Summer”

Tayy also shared with us some exciting news that he may be featured on the upcoming deluxe of Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album “Faith” this coming Friday, July 30th. Sharing that the record that is to appear on it is Pop’s first recorded feature ever “Talk For What”. While the song has leaked a few times on youtube Tayy shared his excitement to be apart of his friend's project as well as for the people to officially get the record on streaming.

“Yea I should be on there, me and bro got that song that everybody knows, they been leaked it, everywhere so it should come out, that was his first feature, with me, its called “talk for what” but they changed it to “Rumble” on youtube, it's on Genius, they posted it, the lyrics are up there, a lot of people know about it but more people need to know it’s me on the track”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Tayy Floss on iHeartRadio below..

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