Bam Bino On "Only Fans" Single, Upcoming Album, Opinion On BX Drill + More!

Returning to On The Radar today, Brooklyn rapper Bam Bino joined us after dropping off his latest single “Only Fans”. The rapper who is currently gearing up to release his first album by the end of the year has been steadily building up his fan base and dropping singles on youtube in anticipation.

When it comes to new music from Bam Bino the rapper said right now it’s all about momentum. He’s in a place where if something is going on and he gets a big cosign, he has new music he can drop almost immediately. Plotting out that he doesn’t have any specific date when records will drop but has plenty more heat coming before he drops the album.

“I'll probably drop something soon, in a few, a lot coming soon, any day ill wake up and they’ll just be some stuff In the chamber. Now I can do that before I couldn’t now I got mad s---- going on so I can just plan it out and do what I do base on how im feeling, you gotta drop it off momentum”

Depsite being around for a few years Bam Bino has yet to drop a full body of work. Explaining that it’s finally time to give the fans awhole project Bam says that you can expect an album from him to definitely drop by the end of 2021. Being in a place now where he can drop the music how he wants and perfect a project, the rapper expressed there’s no date but those who have been waiting won’t be disappointed.

“Ima drop a project by the end of the year, I aint never dropped a full project on all platforms this is my first one, I have just been dropping on youtube, I had gotten signed off of youtube, no platform or anything, they knew what it was. I can’t give you a date, I don’t want to give them a date and push it, im doing everything right this time”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Bam Bino on iHeartRadio below..

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