Malaynah On New “Evolution” Project, Making More Melodic Music, + More!

Fresh off the release of her latest project “Evolution” we got to sit down with west coast rapper Malaynah on On The Radar today!

The young star who is known for her hard-hitting bars decided that for her latest project she would step out of her comfort zone and what people usually know her for doing and give new sounds a try. While og fans can expect the Malaynah they know and love, there is a ton of new music and melodic records on the project for them to check out.

“I think that’s what I’m doing with this project, I’m giving you bars but also the turn-up records that are melodic and part of that wave right now, but I’m still going to rap rap like im just very grateful I can pivot to whatever Hip Hop stage we’re in now”

With the project being called “Evolution”, Malaynah herself is of course evolving with her music. Explaining a little bit about stepping out of her comfort zone she expressed that it was definitely something that she had to get used to but wanted to be able to show fans that she can cross over to radio records and what’s the current trend in Hip Hop right now.

“It was an evolution in the artist Malaynah I definitely think it’s a new step in her career for her, it’s a new song, I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone with this one, not only giving them the OG bars I’m known for, but its also doing a little bit of what’s on the radio and what’s popping right now”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Malaynah on iHeartradio below!

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