Lou From Paradise on “Not Dead Yet”, Staten Island Rap Scene, Name Change

After releasing his collab project with Statik Selektah “Not Dead Yet” we had the pleasure of sitting down with Staten Island rapper Lou From Paradise (Formerly Lou The Human” on On The Radar today for his first ever in-person and on-camera interview!

The project between Statik Selektah and Lou comes nearly two years after his last album “Painkiller Paradise”. This time around the rapper is truly flexing his lyrical skills and getting to create the “Boom Bap” styled album that he has always dreamed of.

“My man Ransom, he put it together, I cut that in like a day two days maybe tops, two sessions and the rest was history, I don’t work way longer on projects than that, it’s crazy”

As for the current state of Hip-Hop in Staten Island, Lou is hopeful now that it is in a way better place than when he first came out, citing a plethora of young talents beginning to rise up out of the borough.

“We got something going on now, we got a couple of people rising up, like me, there's some people and I don’t know bro Im used to being the underdog, we didn’t have anything for a while, when I came out there wasn’t anybody”

Check out the full interview above!

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