Feefa On “Sacrificio”, Working with G Perico, Dropping 4 Projects This Year

West Coast rapper Feefa is making it known that now that we’re back outside there’s nothing stopping him. Dropping the first two projects of a four-project series the rapper is setting the tone for what you can expect from him going forward.

When it came to the decision to drop 4 albums in 2021, Feefa really credited the pandemic and the lack of music he was able to drop and perform last year. Wanting to do something special for the fans he crafted a four-album story arc that tells a unique story through their titles as well as showing the diversity in his music.

“The pandemic we went a whole year without really being able to release anything, in that time I found out different parts of myself that I wanted to share with the world, the first project is called Animo, which is like cheer up, it's like a wake-up call, we still here we still pushing, Sacrificio is like I sacrificed family time, fun moments and a lot of stuff so I could show you I can do this”

Before signing off with us on the show, Feefa wanted to leave with a message, leave the street politics at the door. With so much of the country reopening and things starting to return to some type of normal he expressed it's important that we remember we’re all trying to feed and take care of our families out there and the street business can do more harm than good.

“Too many politics in LA, my thing is don’t bring street politics in the business, you can be blood, you can be a crip but keep that in the hood we gotta make money, we all trying to make money and take care of our families. So it's like it'll make it easier if we just leave all that s--- outside of the building and think about the bigger picture”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Feefa on iHeartRadio below..

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