Akinyemi On “Reborn” Album, Shooting “Glaciers” Video At 12,000 Ft,

Ahead of the release of his new album “Reborn” tomorrow, we sat down with Brooklyn rapper Akinyemi on On The Radar. Akinyemi who made his return to music with “Glaciers” after not dropping anything for 8 months is now back and ready to enter this new phase of his life and career completely reborn.

When it came to the new project Akinyemi originally was planning on titling it “Warrior's Fate” as that is the translation of his name in Nigeria. However over the past year as many things have changed so did the project which eventually led to the rapper wanting it to be a new moment for him where he is completely reborn.

“So the project was initially called Warrior's Fate and that’s because Akinyemi means fated to be a warrior, that’s the direct Nigerian translation, I called it Reborn because I was going through a ton of changes, both from my sonic, from myself physically, where I’m staying at mentally, mad people was telling me you changed and I was like f---- it I’m reborn now and I can do anything with that name”

Returning to music with “Glaciers”, Akinyemi came out the gate swinging. Spending much of his quarantine in Colorado the video for the song was also shot in the state and Yemi took it to a whole new level shooting it at 12,000 feet elevation.

“I had this vision of the record visually in my mind, we shot it at 12,000 elevations at this place called "Loveland Pass" in Colorado, and it was cold and I think the coldness inspired the performance of the video, we had two takes, the lights changes, press record and let’s go. A lot of the situations are run and gone like that you just gotta give it you’re all”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Akinyemi on iHeartRadio below..

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