Adopted Woman Discovers She's A Princess At 28

Princess Sarah Culberson discovered that she belonged to a royal family at the age of 28 after searching for her biological family for years. 

The young princess went on a mission to search for her dad. She hired a private investigator who then traced her father's family.


"And then my uncle gets on the phone. He goes, 'Oh, Sarah, we are so happy you've been found .Do you know who you are and I'm like, 'I'm Sarah?'. He says you are part of a royal family. . Your great-grandfather was a paramount chief. your grandfather, your uncle runs a chiefdom of 45,000 now 70,000. You can be chief. You are considered a princess in this country," says Sarah in an interview with Now This. 

She says her story is aimed at encouraging Black Americans to search for their roots and reconnect with their families. 

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