Pop Smoke's Mom & Brother On How To Carry On His Legacy

Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album “Faith” is out today, to celebrate the release of the album and Pop Smoke’s legacy Audrey Jackon and Obasi, Pop’s Mother & Brother joined us today on The Angie Martinez Show to talk about Pop’s legacy, how we can properly honor him, how this album is easier for her to listen to now, the current state of the investigation and seeking justice for her son.

Sharing with Angie that “Faith” for her is easier to listen to now, Ms Jackson revealed that she has actually never heard “Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon” and even when she's driving around in her car she has to turn off the radio because it’s still hard to listen to. However this time around Ms. Jackson says that she can enjoy the music and appreciate the new body of work from her son.

With the new album out Angie asked Audrey how we can properly honor Pop now that he’s no longer with us. To put it simply Ms. Jackson said to simply “be sincere” because Pop was a genuine person and all she wants is for her son to continue to be loved in a positive way. As for how she’s keeping her son’s memory alive the “Shoot For The Stars Foundation” is doing incredible work in Brooklyn, this weekend there will be a multi-day festival to celebrate the life of Pop but also to give back to the community including a food collection event to feed over 1000 families, have youth councils and it all culminates with a party in the park on Tuesday, July 20th on Pop Smoke’s birthday.

You can support the Shoot For The Stars Foundation here.

Check out the full interview above and listen to Pop Smoke on iHeartRadio below…

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