Rah Swish On “Mayor Of The Streets”, Being on Pop Smoke’s New Album + More

The mayor of the streets himself joined us on On The Radar today! Rah Swish is fresh off of the release of his latest project and is currently gearing up for another major release this week on Pop Smoke’s posthumous “Faith” album. Sitting down with Gabe P on On The Radar the rapper spoke about “Mayor of the Streets”, Pop’s new album, an upcoming joint record with Dread Woo & Quelly Woo + more!

While still riding the success of his “Mayor of The Streets” project, Rah Swish is set to be featured on Pop Smoke’s posthumous album. “Brush Em” which had previously leaked online is getting its official release this Friday. Finding out right before the interview started that it was confirmed Rah just expressed gratitude and that the record is going to go crazy like it was supposed to.

“it's like up, its Woo season, feel me, me and my boy boutta go crazy. It's "Brush Em, they throwing that on the album, it originally got leaked. We officially releasing it, we gonna go crazy like we were supposed to”

With the likes of Dread & Quelly Woo both appearing on On The Radar recently, Rah Swish was excited to share that a joint record between the three rappers properly titled “Casamigos & Lemonade” will be coming very soon. When asked if a possible joint “Woo” project would be in the works the rapper said he would be down but would have to add more artists to the lineup to do it big for the community.

“Hell ya, but we wouldn’t just do us three, we would incorporate the whole hood and if we do that we gone have to do a real Woo project and do it big for the community”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Rah Swish’s “Mayor Of The Streets” project below…

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