Cream Da Villain On “Mirages” Single, New Album, Opening Up His Own Studio

Queens rapper Cream Da Villain is fresh off of the release of his new single “Mirages”. With multiple projects on the way including some collab tapes, we sat down with the rapper on On The Radar to discuss his come up, the pros and cons of signing to a label/distribution deal, his new studio in the city + more!

While Cream has been in the game for a while he didn’t always want to take music seriously, explaining that it took some time for him to commit to it but when he felt the support was there he ran with it all the way.

“I just felt like the support was there, people kept pushing and pushing for me to do it, once I seen that I was like there's something there, and once labels started reaching out I was like oh it's getting serious, but I love to do this”

As for his new studio, the rapper wanted to have a place in his hometown that would be there to help and serve artists. Explaining how he built a strong team around it. Check out Thriller Studios NYC for all your needs!

“I just wanted to really have a good team and good people around me, like really work and have time and the studio I have now we have great producers and great engineers”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Cream Da Villain on iHeartRadio below..

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