Chow Lee On “LoveLee” With Lonny Love, Cash Cobain, Sampling Drake

Chow Lee has been on fire in 2021. With two projects under his belt, “Beauty Marks” & ”LoveLee” with Lonny Love, a Times Square Billboard, Millions of streams online, and a premiere on OVO sound radio for his latest single, the artist can’t lose. With the deluxe of “LoveLee” on the way, we got to sit down with the rapper for his first interview in over 2 years, speaking about the projects, sampling, working with Cash Cobain, Long Island artists getting credit + more!

With “LoveLee” doing insane numbers on streaming services, Chow Lee and Lonny Love explained how the tape had come together, as the two had been working on music for numerous years, one night last month they explained it all just came together quick.

“This right here (Chow Lee holds up a Hennessy bottle), we were in my room, we been making love songs like this since 2018 but we made so many songs together and none of them came out, we were in the crib one night drink, just playing music, playing it in the right order and I was like nah we dropping this week”

Hailing from Hempstead Long Island, Chow expressed that he’s really putting on for where he’s from. Sharing that artists from the Island catch a ton of heat he expressed that he’s cool with it.

“We always catch rep, we always catch the most rep and we love the boroughs and they be killing us, a few people from the boroughs be messing with us, but that be it, but its aight, it’s cool”

Fellow artist and frequent collaborator (especially on “LoveLee” Cash Cobain has also been having an extremely successful year. The two who first linked up last year have worked on numerous records together including “I GOT THEM” which also features Swoosh God. When asked about how the two first met Chow explained that he became a fan of Cash back in 2016, but it wasn’t until last year till they met and he also goes on to credit Cash for the beginnings of the collab project with Lonny Love as he lent a ton of production to it.

“I been knew Cash since 2016, he dropped something called “Hostile”. He had sent me a song like last year in 2020 and I did it with him but then we really linked up on some Clubhouse s--- we just linked up on there every day, we finally linked up in person at his video shoot with Lonny, we just started popping out and we would rap over beats and this is literally how “Lovelee” happened”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Chow lee on iHeartRadio below..

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