Fenix Flexin On "Fenix Flexin Vol. 1", Possible 22GZ Collab, Tour + More!

Fenix Flexin’s debut solo project ‘Fenix Flexin Vol.1’ has finally arrived. The artist who went solo last year has been teasing the project for some time, after a few dates moved around and with the world finally opening back up it couldn’t be a better time for the album to hit the streets. Featuring the likes of D-Block Europe, Drake The Ruler, Bravo The Bagchaser, Peso Peso + many more the rapper has cemented his spot as a solo artist.

Stopping by On The Radar today we got to chop it up with the West Coast artist about the project, how this past year has shaped him into a new person, his new streetwear brand + a possible future collaboration with 22GZ.

When it comes to the project finally being out Fenix Flexin couldn’t be happier, with a tour on the horizon and entering this new phase of his career and life he expressed to us that this is only the first of many many more solo endeavors you can expect from him.

“It’s lit I’m happy it's my first time dropping a solo body of work. People would say I was a solo artist but there wasn’t any real body of work or music to attach to that, now that there’s a project out it kinda stamps it and prepares me for this next run I’m going to do”

After a short back and forth on Twitter, fans of both Fenix Flexin and 22GZ were speculating if the West and East Coast rappers would be coming together for a record anytime soon. Sharing with us how 22GZ was one of the first rappers to come to their show in NY and show love, Fenix expressed how he has nothing but love for him. As for the record, now that the album is out he wants to make sure that if & when it does happen it’s the right record and moment.

“22 my guy I met him the first time I was in NY, he came out and f----- with us at one of our shows you know what I mean, he been hard, he kinda underrated to, he boutta go up though, I peeped what he got going on, he making the right moves to take it to the next level, shout out to bro”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Fenix Flexin on iHeartRadio below..

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