Quelly Woo on Tactical Pressure, Pop Smoke Almost Got On Bacc Out, New Tape

After beginning to drop music on DSP's last February Quelly Woo has been steadily rising and going up with a string of consistent releases and his debut project "Tactical Pressure". The rapper is currently gearing up to drop the deluxe for the tape as well as his next project set to arrive in late August. Stopping by On The Radar today we got to speak with Quelly about the project, how he wants to venture outside of drill music, how Pop Smoke almost got on “Bacc Out” + more!

With his first project out of the gate, Quelly Woo really wanted to give the people what they wanted while also being able to show them that he’s able to do more than just drill music. After songs getting leaked here and there, he was finally able to put out his first body of work and explained how he’s extremely excited to see how people receive the deluxe, set to drop on July 30th.

“I been wanting to put out a project before I put out Tactical pressure, I had so many songs that got leaked and stuff, I feel like with this tape it wasn’t all too crazy but I had a couple of good songs and I had some songs where I Switched it up so I can show people I can do drill but also do the melodic stuff. The deluxe was originally 7 new songs but I think ima add some more, it's not even all new drill, the drill songs is there the R&B songs is there and I feel like people gonna F--- with this deluxe”

While the deluxe for his last tape hasn’t arrived yet Quelly is already looking towards the future with his next project set to drop sometime in late August. Without giving too much away he shared with us that it will have some different type of vibes on there that he said the fans won’t be expecting.

“Late August, I don’t get a name for it yet, Im thinking “Tactical Pressure 2”, I don’t know im going to see it, I didn’t consider it a tape to begin with it was more an EP. This next project is going to be 15 songs, I might add some more but the songs I got on it right now are heat, some uptempo s---, some hype s--- and then im going to have some different type of flows not even R&B but just something that ima add to it, it's not going to be all drill but there will be a lot of heat on it”

Check out the full interview above and Listen to Quelly Woo on iHeartRadio below..

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