Emanuel On “Alt Therapy”, Idris Elba Executive Producing The Album + More!

Canadian R&B singer Emanuel is fresh off the release of his debut project “Alt Therapy”. The Universal Music Canada artist who has been dropping mini EP to lead into the album for almost a year now sat down today with On The Radar to speak about the project, why he decided to break it up into multiple parts and how Idris Elba came to be one of the biggest parts of the project as an executive producer.

With the first “Alt Therapy” session dropping a whole year before the albums actual released Emanuel explained to us that for him aside from COVID of course having an effect on the completion of the album, he wanted to give people mini-stories through the EPs that they could resonate with before getting the full body of work.

“I think breaking it up and picking certain energies that tell certain stories and breaking it up was a way for people to really marinate and get to know the music and if the music was strong enough it would have legs it would start the journey before the album came out”

With the project out, one of the biggest questions we had for Emanuel was how Idris Elba got involved in the project. While some may not realize Idris himself is an artist/DJ, Emanuel explained it all came together through a friend and after some discussion, Idris came on as an executive producer.

“it was a crazy link up, really early we got word he had heard the music and wanted to reach out and show love and he liked the music so we got on a call with Idris Elba and we started collaborating on video ideas, he had a lot to say about the sound and impact, he had a lot of jewels to give me”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Emanuel on iHeartRadio below….

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