KDDO “Too Late Too Lit” EP, Friendship With Davido, Working With Beyonce

International producer, artist, and designer are just a few of KDDO’s titles. The Nigerian super producer known for his work with the likes of Davido, Summer Walker, Popcaan, Chris Brown, Rae Sremmurd + many more stopped by On The Radar this week after recently dropping his debut project “Too Late Too Lit”. The project features not only some familiar Afro Beats artists also features the likes of Bas & Jidenna. On the heels of the project, KDDO stopped Invite Only Studios by to talk about the making of, his future plans in the fashion industry and gave us a tease as to what he worked on with Beyonce.

When it came to his first official body of work KDDO expressed to us that despite wanting to do it for sometime, he wanted the release of it to be organic. While being very hands-on with the entire project from the songs all the way to the album cover which he says was done right before the project was submitted.

“My first body of work ever, I always wanted it to be very organic, take my time to do it, I didn’t want to make a decision to dorp it and nothing happens, I know a lot of producers do that where they drop and nobody listens and I didn’t want to happen to me. But it happened the way I wanted it to happen, now its going crazy”

As for his future plans in the fashion industry, KDDO is taking it step by step. Even citing a Kanye West interview where the Hip-Hop legend explained how he lost a ton of money while creating his now billion-dollar brand. With a few things currently in the works, you can definitely expect to see some of KDDO’s fashion work in the very near future.

“I’ve spent a lot of money on designers, so I feel like I have to have a stake in that business, so for right now I been learning a lot about how to put stuff together, get designs together and I want to do it at a high level. I remember watching a Kanye interview where he lost so much money trying to do Yeezy at first and I don’t want to lose so much money. So I learned from that I need to chill, start lower and start smaller and develop and go from there. But I want to make something really big.

Check out the full interview and listen to KDDO’s new EP “Too Late Too Lit” below on iHeartRadio

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