LittleJohn4k On Working W/ Toosii, Rico Love, “Tyesha” Album, Da Brat

LittleJohn4k is one of the latest artists to come out of North Carolina making noise in 2021. After dropping off her latest project “Tyesha” the young rapper sat down with On The Radar to talk about the album, the legendary feature from Rico Love on it, Da Brat showing her love, working with fellow NC rapper Toosii + more!

For LittleJohn4k this project is more of a complete body of work than anything she’s put out before, explaining to us that most of the decision for this project was a group effort by her label. One thing she emphasized was that she wanted to give the people and her fans a glimpse of her before anything else.

“Once we decided we were going to drop and album and it was going to be an album it wouldn’t really make sense without giving them me first,I sat down and we all agreed that’s where the name Tyesha came from and then it was my mangers idea to use the baby pictures for the cover and it was overall just a collective effort.

If there’s one thing North Carolina artists are going to do it’s help each other out. Toosii has become one of those artists for his home state working with a plethora of rising talent. Sharing how her “Rest of My Life” record came to happen with Toosii, John explained that he purely did it out of love and didn’t even want anything in return.

“He definitely showing love, he coming back in, mad feature son people he seen working and that was just another label play, they set it up and he did it off the strength, he didn’t want nothing, he was just like lets record and sent it back almost immediately, it was love”

Check out the full interview above and listen to LittleJohn4k on iHeartRadio below…

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