Oyabun on “The Prezi” EP, New Single “Masterpiece”, Staying Consistent

After releasing his new singles “Fava” & “Masterpiece” we had the pleasure of sitting down with Oyabun on On the Radar. The rapper who was one of the first guests we had on the show has been busy dropping single after single in 2020. As we enter the world opening back up he’s currently gearing up to drop a whole new project. Speaking with us today he spoke about the project, the new singles, and the importance for artists to really invest in themselves and make sure their finances are right.

Oyabun has always been an artist who would take on any style of music out there. As he continues to grow with his fans his latest single Masterpiece offers once again a new lane for the rapper as he gears them up for his upcoming project.

“it’s the opening gate for what’s coming with the EP, what people can expect, it going to break a lot of expectations, its something a lot of people haven’t heard from me but now we put them in the state of expecting anything from me and that’s exactly what I want”

Something that Oya is extremely passionate about is artists knowing the importance of investing themselves and being financially literate. Sharing some words on the show today he expressed that artists who take their craft seriously should spend more time making sure their money is right and going to the right places rather than spending time in the mix.

“To any artists out there please take your financial literacy serious, save your money, budget your money, don’t feel the need to do all this keeping up with the Joneses, focus on your craft, don’t focus on having to be out there, be everywhere just do what you gotta do and execute”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Oyabun on iHeartRadio below..

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