TikTok Star Pooch Prefers Walking On 2 Back Legs

Dexter the 3-legged dog prefers walking on his 2 back legs like his human family ❤️

The 6-year-old Brittany Spaniel has gone viral on social media thanks to his impressive ability to walk significant distances in his hometown of Ouray, Colorado while standing on his hind legs.

"Everyone in town knows him," Dexter's owner, Kentee Pasek, told 9 News of the canine, who only has trouble using his front legs due to a past accident. "In fact, they know him now more than they know us."


In 2016, when Dexter was just a year old, he escaped from his Ouray home while sniffing for nearby deer and darted out into the road, where a truck ran over both of the canine's front legs.
"We didn't think he'd make it," said Pasek, who, before Dexter's accident, had said goodbye to two dogs in just two years. "I couldn't put him down without giving him a chance," she added of Dexter. "I just couldn't."

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