PRADO On “PRADO MONROE” EP, Being On Complex Canada’s “Artists To Watch”

Gearing up to release her new “Prado Monroe” EP at the end of this week we had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the fastest-growing artists from Canada right now! Prado who first got her start during the SoundCloud era has been grinding for the past year for this moment and sat down with us to talk about the new project, her single “Gucci Store”, + much more!

2021 has already been such a huge year for Prado and she got to kick it off correctly in late January when she was named one of the top 25 rising artists currently in Canada by Complex Magazine. Explaining how grateful she is for the opportunity she also added that its been a long road coming from living in the Native housing complex’s up there to being in one of the biggest magazines, making this a big moment for her as an artist.

“yea I don’t even think about it like that, I really just think in my brain everyone is from the suburbs and I straight up grew in the native housing complex up here so I always had the community on my side, so I don’t think the looks from left or right because Ive been here for like eons and I think complex for that, the more they talk about me ima be like ahhhhhh stop it.”

Prado’s new project “PRADO MONROE” is set to hit the streets this Friday (June 18th) and is set to feature a few new joints as well as the singles that have already dropped.

“With this project I want to show like my full range and everything that I do, I have two new record son there and they're really my favorite two songs and one of them is a song that popped off on SoundCloud but I redid it and the other record is “Loui T” and it probably is the most cinematic song on the project”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Prado on iHeartRadio below..

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