Dolla $ign J On Dropping An EP Every Month in 2021, Producing + More!

Few rising artists out here in New York are working as hard as Dolla $ign J is. The rapper who has already dropped 5 eps in 2021 is on a mission to continuously drop a project every month throughout the whole year. Stopping by On The Radar we got to speak to the artist about this goal as well as his future plans, working with the likes of Aden Dinero and Trip TZ + more!

Originally getting his start in producing and engineering when it came to making music on his own the young rapper wanted to make sure before he put out music that his sound was perfectly refined, all while still taking the liberty to switch up the flow from the project to project.

When asked why he wants to drop 12 projects in 1 year, J explained that it's really because he wants to make that big splash in 2021 and show off everything he’s been working hard for as well as the diversity he’s bringing from the project to project.

“Aight so nah, im going to go all through, 60 tracks all this year, I feel like that’s going to look different and when they actually tune in and hear the songs they gone get it, I pick the good songs to I know the people gone f—with it”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Dollan $ign J on iHeartRadio below..

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