Capella Grey On “Gyalis", Working With Kranium, Clearing Up Rumors

In just a short 6 months Uptown artist Capella Grey has catapulted himself to stardom and is currently on the verge of having the #1 record in the city with his hit record “Gyalis”. The singer/songwriter has been steadily grinding for some time now releasing two projects during the pandemic “The Quarantape Vibe 1.” & “Yea Nah I’m Out”. Sitting down with On The Radar at Invite Only Studios in Manhattan the rising artist shed a little light on the creation of the hit record, what he has in store with Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer Kranium, flooding the streets with remixes + more!

One of the most impressive parts of “Gyalis” is that it’s an under 2-minute long R&B freestyle with no hook, no bridge, and no verse. Explaining to us a bit about the creation of the song Capella said that it was really just something that naturally happened after he was sitting on the beat (which he produced) for a few weeks and just went in the booth one day, the rest was history.

“made the beat myself, and you know what’s crazy, I made the beat in NY, I had it for a week or two, went to Cali, recorded it in Cali and yea the way I actually record these songs I don’t even write it down, I go in the booth do a little babble track and see what feels good and then knock it out line by line, and with Gyalis there’s no bridge, no hook, there’s no hook, there’s no nothing as soon as I felt like switching it up I changed the beat, switch it up again change the beat it was a good vibe”

With the record becoming one of the biggest songs in the country currently, he has popped up on a lot of artist's radar. One of which was none other than Kranium who Capella expresses is one of his favorite artists. While there have been some rumors that Capella is Kranium’s artist he is quick to dismiss those as just people talking. However, Kranium did visit him in NYC and while quiet about it Capella did reveal they worked on something and we’ll all be seeing what that is very soon.

“Gyalis put me on his radar and that’s one of my favorite artists so I’m definitely grateful for that, but he came through and was playing joints we got aquatinted musically, I’m not going to lie he was my favorite artist before but I got a whole new respect for him watching his process he was different bro.”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Capella Grey on iHeartRadio below…

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