Paris Bryant On “Mad Mad”, Upcoming Jay Gwuapo Collab, Getting Signed

Rising Brooklyn artist Paris Bryant stopped by On the Radar this week after dropping his debut single “Mad Mad” with Cinematic Music Group last month. The 17-year-old rapper who has already teased a slew of new singles coming in the following months spoke about a new collab on the way with Jay Gwuapo, how A Boogie was one of his biggest musical inspirations, finishing school early so he could focus on music, how he got signed + more!

It’s more than safe to say the release of his debut single “Mad Mad” has been a huge success for the young rapper. With the video for the single about to cross 30K views on youtube, he explained to us how since the song's release he’s been in the blogs nonstop and gaining followers at a pace he had never experienced before.

“Stuffs been moving pretty fast and as soon as it released I was getting followers day after day and every day I was on a new news blog. "Mad Mad" just hit 20k on Youtube, ever since it dropped things have been moving extremely fast, Im grateful, thank God."

The next single the rapper is planning on dropping is a collab with fellow New York artist Jay Gwuapo titled “Proud of you”. While he didn’t get to meet Gwuapo till they shot the video (which he confirmed would drop with the single) he expressed how excited he was for the people to get this record and its follow up “Demon Time”

“They was like I think we should throw Guwapo on this record, and then they just made it happen and once they made it happen I was like, I like how this is sounding and then once we shot the video it was my first time meeting him”

Speaking a bit about his inspirations with us Paris said that when he first was able to listen to music he wanted to as he got older his favorite artist was J. Cole. While still a huge fan of the rapper Paris explained that eventually when he heard A Boogie for the first time and saw what he was doing In the city he instantly gravitated towards his sound. Paris also wanted to make sure that he gave Boogie the proper credit for starting a whole melodic music movement in New York.

“When I first moved to NY I didn't really recognize the sound but the sound that I heard here was A Boogie’s “My S—t” and when he dropped it I was like this is crazy and even if you look at his interviews he said he got some of that from Drake a bit. I think a lot of people don’t want to give Boogie his props but I look up to him.”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Paris Bryant on iHeartRadio below…

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