June3rd On “Jemeni” Album, Getting His Name From His Grandfather

Today on On The Radar we had the pleasure of sitting down with Los Angeles-based singer June3rd who is currently gearing up to release his debut album “Jemeni”. The singer spoke about the project as well as his latest single “POV”, how he got his name, his friendship with Eric Bellinger + more!

After dropping 3 singles in 2020, June finally returned in early March with his new single “POV”. While he put the record out to give the people what they want June also expressed the new album will go much deeper into his mind, how he handles feelings and relationships.

“Its interesting because like I feel with the records I put out im just giving the people what they want to here, they want to hear that bounce they want to have fun but I feel like when I give them that full body of work I get way deeper into my feelings and how I love in relationships or in general in life”

While many wonder why the album is called “Jemeni” without a g the singer explained that he looked at it more from a brand perspective.

“Its weird because im not too into astrology my thought process wasn’t that Im thinking more in the way of a brand, what can I call my brand, everybody when I introduce myself they ask why I call myself June, am I a Gemini, but I like that name and how can do I do that and I switched the G with a J and just ran with it as the first name of the first album”

Check out the full interview above and listen to June3rd on iHeartRadio below..

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