252 Lico On New Deal With Empire, Upcoming Project, Helping Out NC Youth

North Carolina is in the building today! After dropping off his latest single “Big Stepper” earlier this year we spoke with North Carolina rapper 252 Lico about his new deal with Empire, how he's working to help out the youth in North Carolina, working with Da Baby, Project Pat + more!

252 Lico has been steadily putting out music independently for some time now but the rapper has recently announced that he will be partnering up with Empire to distribute some new singles as well as possibly a project coming down the line.

“im just really excited this is my first time doing a partnership with a record label like that, its exciting for me because I been doing everything independently,so its kinda exciting for me because I been doing everything independently and im just ready to get everything rolling”

As someone who had gone through quite a bit growing up in Pamlico, North Carolina Lico is currently working on opening his own studio near his home town to give the youth a place to go and put their energy into a positive place which is something he expresses he wished he had growing up.

“Im working on it right now, im trying to find an office building to try and get stuff rolling”

Check out the full interview and listen to 252 Lico below…

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