Trapland Pat On “Thru Da Door”, Fredo Bang, Success Of "Big Business"

Flying in all the way from Florida today we got to speak with rapper Trapland Pat straight off of his flight! The young rapper who has found success over the past year with records such as “Big Business” is fresh off of the release of his latest project “Thru Da Door”

Catching up with us at Invite Only Studios in NYC, Trapland Pat spoke about his latest project as well as signing with fellow rapper Fredo Bang, what New York rappers he would want to work without here + linking up with other young artists in Florida like Kuttem Reese.

With his latest project “Thru Da Door”, Trapland Pat is literally kicking down the door into the music industry. With features from Kuttem Reese, Kid Trunks, Baby Glock + more the rapper expressed that he wanted to show his diversity on this project.

“I wasn’t trying to give them everything I got but I wanted to show them what I can do, how many flows I got, how I could switch flows, and how I can adapt to other rappers on different types of beats and stuff, I just wanted to show them I’m not just one-way type of rapper I can come multiple ways, there’s no limitation”

Of course the standout record from this past year war “Big Business” with almost 3 million views on Youtube, Trapland explained to us that while the record was doing extremely well he didn’t want to get comfortable in the success of the record because he needs all his songs to do numbers like it.

“In my head, I’m seeing it go up and I’m like damn I need all my songs to do this, I didn’t want to get too comfortable, I saw it going up but it wasn’t like ok you at the finish line now, you just started, now I gotta take it to the next level”

Before signing off with Pat we asked him what was one thing that he has learned over the past year of blowing up and to keep it simple he expressed to always expect the unexpected.

“Always expect the unexpected for real, tables could turn at any second like stuff just happens it's like how COVID happened and no one had jobs, it just shows you how serious life can get”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Trapland Pat on iHeartRadio below..

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