Nizzle Man On Staten Island’s Place It Hip-Hop, Upcoming Music

Today on On The Radar, Staten Island’s own Nizzle Man joined us! The rapper who is off to a strong start in 2021 has released his latest singles “Wally”, “Crypto” & “Headed To The Bank” Feat, Mr.Swipey. Speaking with us today the rapper spoke about all his new records, his friendship with Mr. Swipey, letting his Spanish side out on his records more + the current place of Staten Island in Hip-Hop.

One of the first singles Nizzle dropped this year was “Crypto” a song which in a way seemed to come at the perfect time due to the boom of Cryptocurrency as well as NFT’s. Expressing he’s been on the wave for some time it only felt right to hit the record at this time.

“Crypto I felt like, we not new to what's going on, 4-5 years ago no one knew what Bitcoin was, I knew seeing and reading things that years ago Bitcoin back then was $35 and now it's $35,000, it's lucrative.”

With an influx of artists coming out of Staten Island right now the rapper spoke about how for some time it was hard to blow up out of the borough but now more artists are starting to get the credit they deserve.

“In the past, we had one of the biggest and going Hip Hop groups Wu-Tang Clan coming out of it, it’s a gift and a curse, we got the biggest thing coming out of there, what’s next? Everything got us sucked up into the Wu-Tang sound, so if it didn’t sound like that it wasn’t Staten Island it didn’t represent, on a bigger scale we got shut out for a while and it wasn’t replicated by any other borough, they did their own thing so everyone expected everyone coming from Staten Island to sound like them”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Nizzle Man on iHeartRadio below..

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