Jay Loud On Working W/ Tank, Sevyn Streeter, “Deep End” EP

Rising R&B singer Jay Loud has returned with his latest outing in his new "Deep End" EP, following up the success of his 2020 "F--- It" Ep the R&B singer is quickly cementing his spot in 2021 as one of the new R&B artists to watch! Pulling up to On The Radar the singer spoke about the new project, his upcoming collabs with Tank and Sevyn Streeter + more!

The last full-length album from Jay "Nap Town" dropped in 2019, with the new project he expressed how this EP was a return to form and now he finds himself back in a good creative space and experimenting with new sounds and music.

“This is more of a Nap Town vibe, this is more back to the roots of what I like to do as far as expressing myself through music. I was just in grind mode, I recorded like 3 of the songs myself here at the home studio I got set up, so I just been in grind mode and making a different type of music that can branch out into different areas with different people and stuff that people will feel a whole lot more than the regular amount would, I want to make diverse music”

Teasing a tone of collabs on his Instagram the singer explains he's working towards a possible project full of features of artists in the game he has been a fan of for a long time, two of those being Sevyn Streeter and Tank.

“A song each, I got a song with Sevyn Streeter and a song with Tank, I kinda wanna make a whole project where it's just me and the R&B singers that were very big and are still big and all of them not really old school but like I grew up off the music, like Chris Brown is before my time but I grew up listening to his music”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Jay Loud on iHeartRadio below..

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