Shy Billz On New Single "Melodies", Stunna Gambino Friendship, Drill Music

One of the latest rising stars to come out of Brooklyn is Shy Billz. The young Brooklyn artist is setting himself apart from much of the other talent coming out of the borough taking on a more melodic sound to his music and staying away from the drill sound that has taken over NYC. Stopping by On The Radar we got to speak with the young rapper about his new single “Melodies”, his friendship with Stunna Gambino, as well as what are the rest of his plans for 2021.

When it came to crafting his sound Shy Billz explained to us that he wants to be different from everyone else coming out of Brooklyn. Aside from the dissing in many drill records, the rapper expressed that the sound just doesn’t really excite him. Despite having a drill record in the chamber which he is unsure of if itll ever see the light of day he expressed he just wants to make himself stand out in a different way.

"I listened to A boogie and stuff growing up, but I felt in love with the melodies, the drill wave it really doesn’t amaze me, everybody is literally hopping on drill beats dissing each other and dissing each other dead people and I don’t really like stuff like that. I just try to stay in my own lane and take the melodic route, I just want to be different from other people everybody from Brooklyn, everyone from East, New York is literally doing drill so I feel like I got a unique sound, and ima do what I want to do”

As for what the young rapper has planned for the rest of the year Billz explained that right now its all about growth and leveling up the records he has released so far. With an EP or project definitely on the horizon, he expressed that before he gets there he wants to drop a few more singles and expand his fanbase.

“I want to continue doing singles for the rest of the year before I start working on an EP or an album, I want to really push what I got out now, whatever they at now like VVS is at a quarter-million views I want to push that to a million, melodies got like 120k in a week, I want to push that to at least 500,000, everything just got to keep going up and elevate like that’s really my goal I just want to focus on my stats and everything”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Shy Billz on iHeartRadio below..

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