Dro Kenji On Signing To Internet Money, XXL Freshman Nom, Upcoming Album

Today on On The Radar we got to sit down with Internet Money’s own Dro Kenji. The 19-year-old rapper who just released his first official project under the label “Eat Your Heart Out” has only been signed for less than a year but has already been nominated for the 10th spot on the 2021 XXL Freshman list, has hit the studio with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, $not, Ian Dior + more!

Sitting down with us today on On The Radar the rapper spoke about his upcoming album, how he got signed to internet money, performing at Rolling Loud this Summer + a whole lot more!

When it came to linking up with Internet Money, less than a year ago Dro Kenji was still in his childhood home in South Carolina. Until one day when he received a DM that literally changed his life.

“Last august 2020, I was just coolin in South Carolina, and I got a DM from John, my manager he wasn’t my manager at the time, he was just some random guy on Instagram. He had Internet Money in his bio so I peeped he was an A&R, he hit saying send me some unreleased s---, I ain't hear nothing for a month and he was like yo fly to LA and I was like say less, I flew out the next day, went straight to the studio and locked in”

With three projects already under his belt over the past year, the rapper is currently readying up his latest outing “F--- Your Feelings” which is set to drop in June, with this project Dro is continuing to plot his takeover, expressing that this album is “the one”.

“This project I want it to be the one, this project is the one, it is the project”

While voting for the XXL Freshman 10th spot has ended, being nominated is no small feet In and of itself. Sharing with us his reaction to the 10th spot nom, Dro explained that it was definitely a big moment for him.

“I found out I was nominated for the 10th spot on the cover, I just woke up and my manager was like I got some good news, and I was like wassup, then he told me I was on XXL and I was like damn that’s fire”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Dro Kenji on iHeartRadio below…

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