Taleban Dooda On “Fallen Angel” Album, 42 Dugg, Being From Tampa + More!

Taleban Dooda is one of the most promising young rappers coming out of Florida right now. With his debut album under Rostrum Records dropping in May we got to catch up with the rapper to talk about the album as well as his collab “Trappin Ain’t Dead” with 42 Dugg + a whole lot more.

With the video racking up almost 1 million views since it released, Taleban Dooda knew that his record with 42 Dugg was going to be a strong one. When linking up with the rapper Taleban didn't really know what type of energy Dugg was going to bring to the record or in the studio so he expressed to us that his goal was to take Dugg to the trenches and just create a record that would make a ton of noise

“It was just like we gotta do one with Dugg, we went to the studio and I was like what type of time Dugg be on and he really is on some Detroit some type s--- and I was like oh ya I can do this. I just didn’t know what type of style he was one so I was like im just gonna take this to the trenches and do some trap s---“

Taleban has been playing the singles game for some time now. With the imminent release of his first project under Rostrum records, the rapper expressed his excitement for the project as well as revealing the name of it to us.

“ My project name is going to be "Fallen Angel” because you go through so much s—t in life”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Taleban Dooda on iHeartRadio below….

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