Kalan.FrFr On Signing To Roc Nation,"TwoFr 2", XXL Freshman Nomination

Returning to On The Radar today we have none other than Kalan.FRFR. Since speaking to Kalan last time in December his whole life has literally changed. Not only did the rapper put out an amazing body of work with "TwoFr 2", but he also announced that he has signed to Roc Nation AND is nominated for the 10th spot on this year's XXL Freshman cover!

When it came to being signed to Roc Nation Kalan expressed to us that Earl, a member of his team had always told him that one day it was going to happen and for Kalan it did, all the stars aligned and he announced he had signed to the label on March 1st!

“Meeting earl and Sheri I had been on earl for a Lil minute and I had been doing a show at the BET Experience, and Sheri one of the co-presidents was there and told earl he wanted to meet me and Earl told me one day you finna sign to Roc Nation one day watch. Every day he would keep telling me that and one day we just put it all together and the rest was history.

Being nominated for the 10th spot on the XXL Freshman cover is no small feat, this has been something that Kalan has been working towards his whole career, and now that he is nominated he wants his fans out there to know that if he doesn’t make the cover this year he refuses to let it slow him down. At the end of the day, he is just grateful for the opportunity and to be in a position to win.

“Yea man im trying to get into that Lil 10th spot. One day I woke up and someone had reposted it, cuz I had seen the leaked list online and I was like oh well maybe next year I ain't tripping, Im not finna slow down, then I didn’t even know the 10th spot was open but it’s lit get out there and vote. But one thing about me is that it’s not going to make or break me, you know not in the sense of I don’t need it or don’t want it I really do want it, I mean my spirit and my mind. A lot of people will be told no and shut down, but I ain't tripping, I’m just thankful to be here”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Kalan.frfr on IheartRadio below…..

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