Dah Dah On Relationship With Bam Bino, Curly Sav, Brooklyn Drill, New Music

Today after dropping his new single “Back To It” and literally being back to dropping music and making an impact we were joined by Brooklyn rapper Dah Dah on On The Radar. The rapper who first made waves 6 years ago at the very early stages of the Brooklyn Drill movement is back and better than ever. Sitting down with us he spoke about everything from his new music, to his relationship with Bam Bino, Curly Savv and Money Millz, mentioning 22gz + more!

When it comes to the Brooklyn Drill movement many outsiders may not realize how far back it goes. Back in 2015 Dah Dah was instrumental in the creation of “Gang Gang Gang” a record that saw multiple artists from the borough coming together. Explaining to us his part in the movement he expressed for him it was always about bringing people together.

“what I did for Brooklyn drill, I brought people together, I made the feature happen, just the type of guy that I am, I show the love I try not to let other things get In the way when there’s real s—t going on, I knew Moneymillz from school, and then “Gang Gang Gang” happen, that record if you really look at it is the whole Brooklyn together in one if you look at it at that time. That’s what I would say I did for Brooklyn drill I brought people together to make music and made a big impact on young people watching”

Now that Dah Dah is back to dropping music his main goal is to just make music that people enjoy and connect with sharing with us that he has a bunch more singles dropping soon as well as “Certified Problem 3” on the Horizon.

“I should be working on certified problem 3, but my plan is just to create good music, be versatile, exceed my boundaries, push my limits, im really into music I just want to make great music, collab with people, make music that’s going to stick and people can feel and that’s really where I’m at on it”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Dah Dah on iHeartRadio below..

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