Yo Trane On “Time & Space” Album, Kanye West Influence, + More!

Today on On The Radar calling in all the way from France we had singer Yo Trane on the show! Recently releasing his latest project “Time & Space” the rapper spoke about the album, how Kanye West’s “The College Dropout” was the album that influenced him to learn English, Lil Baby being the only feature on any of his albums + more!

For Yo Trane “Time & Space” was truly meant to be a homage to all the R&B that came before him. Recorded entirely in France due to the singer being there for the entire pandemic he explained that each time he releases an album he’s always trying to bring a new version of himself to the project and in some ways reinvent how he’s coming on it.

“I think the direction for the project I was trying to show love to the old school by taking some of their inspiration with the core of R&B and making it my own and I was also trying to renew myself because on every project im trying to come out with a new Yo Trane and im trying to not always make the same stuff, I could have made another project like “Late Night Drive” or “Waves in the Moonlight” but I feel like as an artist and creative you always gotta go back from the start when you work on a project and it may get hard sometimes because sometimes you think of going back to what went well, it’s a hard process but I think that’s what makes it really exciting.”

Something extremely interesting about the singer is that before the pandemic he was living in Atlanta and during this time he secured a feature from Lil Baby for his 2019 album “Waves in the Moonlight” which to this day is still the ONLY feature he has on any of his projects. When asked about how this came to be and why Lil Baby, Yo Trane gave it all up to timing and just genuinely being a fan of the Atlanta native.

“Well, first of all shout out to Lil Baby I f--- with bro he’s been going crazy, first time I heard his music I instantly enjoyed it. The way it happened I was in Atlanta and my manager he is really close with Coach K. So he was in the studio with him and he was playing some of my records and Baby heard the record and he was like this shit dope let me record a verse on it, at the time he was trying to come with something different, so he recorded something with it and my manager came to the crib and all he said was “Lil Baby” and I was like what’s going on and then he asked me what song he wanted Baby on”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Yo Trane on iHeartRadio…

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