Geezy Escobar On “Backwood Boyz” Project W/ Foogiano, “Burberry Jerry”

As 4/20 is approaching quickly so is the release of Geezy Escobar’s & Foogiano’s collab “Backwood Boyz” tape. We had the one and only Geezy Escobar on On The Radar to talk about the tape with Foogiano, his Burberry Jerry persona, what he plans on doing after this tape drops + more.

Sadly Foogiano could not be with us for this interview due to his current legal situation. But for all those who may not know much about the rapper Geezy expressed how real he is. After signing to the same label, Foogiano had promised Geezy that after his debut album “Gutta Baby” dropped they would begin work on their collab tape. Explaining how the tape came about Geezy said that it really all started because the two would always smoke in the studio together, specifically Backwoods of course and then from there on Foogiano came up with the name “Backwood Boyz”.

“Foo signed with us in 2019, really a few days before 2020, and right off back we clicked, just hitting the studio and smoking, we were the only people on the label that smoked, I smoke backwoods just like he does, he would say we the Backwood boyz. Soon as he got a deal we were just moving around, we gained this relationship, one night he called me and told me there was something different about me, like you a real one you never changed on me, Ima help you bruh, we went drop the tape after I drop my album, and then his album kept getting pushed back and I was never on him about, but his album dropped, he put me on the album and then he said we gonna drop it and bruh really f--- with me that s—t crazy.

With the tape dropping, tomorrow Geezy is already looking towards the next moment in his career. With “Burberry Jerry” putting up numbers for him in 2020, the rapper expressed that he's going to play the singles game for a while and try to get more music out there for the ladies.

If anyone tapped into me they have to listen to “Section 8 Mind State” that’s like my first tape coming in and that was really all of my life up until this point nand I really want to get back to that type of music, just real life music, that struggle music, and the females I want to give back to them, when I look at my demographic it’s a lot of guys but I wanna put out more music for the women. After Backwood Boyz ima consistently drop singles

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Geezy Escobar on iHeartRadio below…

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