C5 On “Swimming With A Pisces”, Nipsey Hussle Story, Upcoming Projects

Today on On The Radar we had the pleasure of sitting down with bay area rapper C5 fresh off of the release of his new album “Swimming With A Pisces”. The album which follows up his 2020 “Interstate 5” project sees the rapper diving a bit more into what he is really thinking and feeling. Sitting down with us he also spoke about getting his first record in a movie, an amazing story about Nipsey Hussle + more!

When it came to his first project of 2021, C5 wanted to take his fans into his mental state on “Swimming With A Pisces”. With a project heavily focused on shedding light on the things he feels and thinks about on a daily basis, he explains the project for him was all about being more vulnerable and open with fans.

“Im an emotional being im sensitive, I be in my feels a lot that comes with being a Pisces, I've studied my astrology a little bit, I wanted these songs to be me being vulnerable, speaking on my situations and my thought process through em I just wanted people to take a ride with me on what’s really going on in my mind just about how I be feeling about stuff whether it be the world or relationships or things like that”

As for the rest of 2021 you can expect a TON more music coming from the rapper and hopefully some more shows as the world returns to some sort of normal, expressing that the original plan was to drop 4 projects this year, with the success of the recent album he has put that on hold to ride the wave out but that doesn’t mean he plans on letting up anytime soon.

“Im thinking about doing a deluxe, was definitely thinking about dropping a few more projects this year. My initial plan was to drop 4 projects, but things change, this project taking off so I may have to ride it out for a bit longer”

Check out the full interview above and listen to C5 on iHeartRadio below.

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