Calboy On Lil Wayne Collab, Upcoming Album, Pop Smoke's “Diana” + More!

After dropping his new single “Miseducation” with Lil Wayne Calboy stopped by On The Radar to chop it up about the single, his upcoming album, remembering Pop Smoke’s legacy and reflect on the 2020 XXL Freshman cover 1 year later.

Not only is the record Calboy and Lil Wayne linked up for great the video for the song was extremely personal for Calboy. With the video highlighting the dangers of gun violence in the Hip-Hop community he really wanted to show how we are sometimes miseducated about these type of things and resort to fixing things with violence.

When it came to how the record came about it all started when Wayne DM’d Calboy in which he didn’t respond to for sometime as he didn’t see the message but once they made the connection the record got done quick.

“Like I said Wayne reached out to me early on and I didn’t realize it till my manager hopped on my IG ig and was like wayne reached out to you. I reached back out to him like my apologies and we talked every once and a while checkin in on each other and then I sent him a record saying I finally got something I hear you on and he sent it back in an hour”

With the 2021 XXL Freshman on the horizon Calboy reflected on being on the cover last year. While he says it was great as a fan of the publication he just looks at it like another plaque on the wall, a reminder he’s on the right path and is doing what he was meant to do with his life..

“I don’t think the cover changed things for me but I looked at the cover similar how I look to my plaques those are reminders that im heading in the right direction and doing what Im supposed to be doing and growing up I used to watch XXL and was always a fan of the Freshman class but being a part of it was personal to me, it did what it was supposed to do and I got rewarded for that and now we onto the next trophy”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Calboy on iHeartRadio below..

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