KB Mike Talks “Nothing Is Forever” Mixtape, New Single "Used To" + more!

KB Mike has become one of the promising new artists to break out of Chicago. Gearing up for the release of his debut mixtape which is set to be released around his 21st Birthday this Summer, we got to sit down with the rapper on On The Radar.

On his recent single “Drug Scars” the artist tackles the struggles he has faced in his life dealing with people who had drug addictions. Sharing with us that he has lost people to it and that the record was really there for him to get his pain out. The video itself tells a story of addiction.

“the thing is in Chicago its filled with a lot of things, drugs, guns and violence. I had lost a few people to drugs and that’s why I felt like I really had to put my emotions into this single and video I dropped”

As for the debut project you can definitely expect it sometime this Summer, sharing the name of the project with us Mike explained that a lot of the singles he dropped will be on there but their will also be a plethora of new music for fans to check out when It drops.

“The name is going to be Nothing Is Forever, I got that tatted on me, I got a clock and it says that on the side of it. I speak about that in a lot of my songs whether they die or you cheated on them, nothing is forever in this world. I got a few older singles that are going to be on the project but it’ll mostly be new music”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to KB Mike on iHeartRadio above!

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