Young Zay Speaks On Absence From Music, New Singles, Jetgang Origins + more

Today on On The Radar we sat down with the Bronx’s most wanted Young Zay who just dropped two singles “Slightly Up” and “Firing Zone”. The rapper who has steadily been building a strong following in New York for years is ready to take on the world. Sitting down with us he spoke about everything from new music, to taking a break, the cops having his first chain, and even what his plans are for 2021 and beyond when it comes to an album.

One of his first singles of the year “Slightly Up” was extremely well received by fans who were missing the rapper after taking a break in 2020. Sharing with us why he decided to have this record be one of the first of 2021 he expressed that he’s picking himself off the ground after losing and dealing with so much and while he’s not all the way to where he wants to be he is close.

“its like you know people get blinded by this type of s—t, you know jewelry and stuff like that and when you slightly up, like I'm not all the way up where I need to be but Im on my way there in a sense, when I say slightly up, I'm not even talking about no money, I was really down on the bottom, I'm not trying to be this whole crazy rich guy, I been through it and now I’m just slightly picking myself up the ground, I lost everything so when I say slightly up, I was down all the way at the bottom, I'm not all the way there yet but I’m almost there”

While it’s been 3 years since Zay dropped “Airplane Mode” the rapper thanked his fans for being patient with him and that he wants to drop 10 songs for every year he was off, while he doesn’t know when a project with coming it is indeed on the way.

“to be honest bro I want to give them a 30 round clip of songs, like 30 songs bro, I feel like I owe that, 10 songs for every year I ain't drop, and I know that the type of music I been making and people never been hearing me sound in some of the songs I got, some people never would even think I was that good, Im telling you bro I’m going to shake the town for real

Check out the full interview above and listen to Young Zay on iHeartRadio below

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