Laney Keyz On Lil Keed & Lil Yachty Collabs, “Famous”, Upcoming Project

Today on On The Radar we had the pleasure of speaking with Bay Area rapper Laney Keyz. Laney who is currently gearing up for a new project sometime in 2021 spoke to us about making it out of the Bay Area, giving people a sense of who he really is on new single “Famous”, his collab records with Lil Keed and Lil Yachty + more!

When it came to his new single “Famous”, Laney realized that he never really dropped a song for his fans that gave them a more personal look into his life. Expressing how not all of this was overnight he hopes that fans will listen to the record and understand a bit more of where he came from and what he had to do to get here.

“I wanted to give people a better understanding of who I am where I come from, I know on the internet it looks like I got all this money and stuff like that but this was really from the ground up, I don’t feel like I had a song out before that song that touched on my real life issues. It was the first time I dropped a song to give people a real idea of who I am and bringing back to where I’m from”

Laney also has two SMASH records out right now that are collabs with Lil Keed & Lil Yachty. Expressing how grateful he was that both of them hopped on his singles, Laney explained how specially “360” with Lil Keed was a fun song for him to make as their chemistry made the song that much better!

“The joint with Keed he was just a real genuine person, we went to Atlanta and he was just a real cool dude. Like it didn’t really take much to get that knocked out, the Yachty album was more a management thing he liked the song and he got on it. However the joint with Keed was a bit more organic, like his vibes was cool and we knocked it out”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Laney Keyz on iHeartRadio below.

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