Beanz On New Single “Crackin”, “Rhythm & Flow”, Upcoming Album + More!

Today on On The Radar we chopped it up with rapper Beanz. The female MC is fresh off the release of her new single “Crackin”, a very strong follow up to her first record of 2021 “Trending Topics”. Speaking with us the rapper spoke about her time on Netflix’s “Rhythm & Flow”, her upcoming album+ more!

Beanz latest single is just a taste of what is coming from her in the near future. With production assisted by JetsonMade the rapper expressed that this is one of her best records to date.

“So Crackin is like one of my best records yet I know it’s going crazy. Its pretty much produced by JetsonMade, the beat there’s something about the baseline In the record that makes it so much better, we’re just dropping the singles every month until the album which comes out in May”

When it comes to the new album there isn’t a title for it yet but it will be dropping sometime in May and will see Beanz tackle different beats, stories, concepts + more she hasn’t gotten into yet!

“The album does not have a name yet. I have different names in my head like I have so many but no solid name yet, but the direction for it is just on some rapping, on my some regular shit, but like with different types of beats and stories, concepts, I’m really just digging into things I haven’t dug into before. So because I don’t have a name for it yet the song list isn’t done yet, I just feel like I’m solidifying my spot and every song is going to be a banger."

Check out the full Interview above!

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