ADBN On Changing His Name, Upcoming Album “Higher Ground”, + More!

ADBN (formerly Audubon) recently sat down with On The Radar after dropping off his latest single “Lost Key”. The rapper has been going through somewhat of a change and rebrand over the past year obviously changing his name and while his previous music-focused heavy on the bars he has taken his sound in a new direction as a way to start fresh while also challenging himself and the way he makes music.

Sitting down with us to talk about his new sound ADBN did express that he found a new side of himself over the past year during the global pandemic. In a time where so much became uncertain, the rapper found new ways to make music, switching it up from what had come before, and with that, he decided to officially rebrand and change his name.

Just the fact that I wanted to get uncomfortable in making music because it was getting easy for me and I was like man I need to do something that’s going to make me stop and take my time and think about how I want to go and what I want to do, so it was a little bit challenging myself and a lot of me making me think I need a new way to introduce myself and it couldn’t just be with a new song so we landed with changing the way the name looks and changing the sound and where I want to go with it”

When it comes to the future for ADBN he revealed that we will be getting a new album from him just in time for Summer! Titled “Higher Ground,” the rapper says that it will be around an 8 song outing and this is the most excited he's been to release music in a LONG time!

“yea we do have, I guess you’re the first one to hear the name, it's called “Higher Ground”. It's going to be like 6-8 songs, it was going to be like 5 songs but then we went crazy, I’m so proud of this project.”

Check out the full Interview with ADBN above and listen to him on iHeartRadio below..

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