Vina Love On Signing To Cinematic, Upcoming Album, & Single “My City”

Vina Love is one of the fastest rising singers out of NYC, recently signing to Cinematic Music Group she is currently gearing up for her new album as well as her single “My City” which she revealed to us was originally written for Rihanna. Sitting down with On The Radar Vina also spoke about her time on WeTV’s “Growing Up Hip-Hop”, why she signed after being independent for so long + more!

With her new single “My City” on the horizon, Vina explained to us how much the record really means to her. Originally written 6 going on 7 years ago, Rihanna had picked up the record. Now while she never did anything with it the singer still held on to it for a few years before Vina got it back. Now that the song is back in her hands it is expected to be the next single going into her debut album under Cinematic and she expresses that it's really going to put her in the current conversation about R&B today.

“So my city is definitely a vibe, it's crazy because it was written 6 years ago going on 7, I originally wrote it for Rihanna, and then I remembered she is from an island. Then she actually held the song for like 2 years and she didn’t end up using it so I kept it for myself, I think it's definitely a different kinda vibe and I think that it'll def put me closer to all the other R&B artists out now and the music that their making”

When it came to signing a record deal for Vina she wanted to make sure that her new home would be somewhere where she could gain the knowledge to help others be in certain positions as well as still having creative control over the music she released.

“A lot of times you get artists that start their labels and want to do other things with artists and don’t have the knowledge, so they run into certain hiccups and making terrible mistakes that they didn’t have to make. I feel like when you team up with people who already know what their doing, you’ll gain the knowledge, you’ll gain the connects that you need, your meeting the people that help you be in a position to help other people, so why not connect with other people who are just as passionate as you and really have the same interests as you. I still have my creative control and I’m able to do the things that I want and what makes me feel good with my music so I ain’t mad!”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Vina Love on iHeartRadio below!

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