Big $tunt On “Capitalize Off Pain", Debut Album “In My Blood”, Pooh Shiesty

At only 17 years old Big $tunt is one of the fastest-growing artists coming out of South Carolina right now. Releasing the record "Capitalize Off Pain" when he was 16 the song would soon take on a life of its own going viral on Tik Tok. Shortly after the young rapper signed to Columbia Records and is currently gearing up for his debut album "In My Blood".

Coming out the gate swinging which a huge record his follow-up had to be just as big. $tunt explained that getting Pooh Shiesty to hop on his second single “Money Gang” was a no-brainer.

“I had made that money gang song in the studio by myself about a month before he got on it but we knew it could be a hit so we were trying to see who we were going to get on it, me and my manager got together and wanted to get Pooh Shiesty on it. I came back to the city and my manager hit me the next day and told me we got it done!”

With two singles out now the young rapper is gearing up for the release of his debut project under Columbia which is set to be huge! Revealing to us the name and length of it $tunt explained you can expect “In My Blood” to be dropping real soon.

“It’s going to be mostly me on there since it’s going to be the first album I want to come in kinda solo, show them what I can do by myself, its 9 songs and called “In My Blood”. I titled it that because it’s in my blood to do this”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Big $tunt on iHeartRadio below…

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