Drakeo The Ruler On Why The Truth Matters, Uniting LA, Upcoming Album

Drakeo The Ruler may be one of the hardest working artists in the game right now. After coming home from jail back in late 2020 the rapper has not stopped releasing music, videos, and content for his fans. With his most recent project "The Truth Hurts" earning high praise from critics and fans alike Drakeo is already looking towards his next move and upcoming album. Getting to sit down with us for On The Radar we spoke to the California rapper about his new project, getting Drake on a record, how he wants to unite LA, what the truth means to him, and his favorite memory of his friend Ketchy The Great who passed away back in February (long live the greatest).

One thing about Drakeo “The Truth” is one of the most important things for him. Naming his recent projects "We Know the Truth" & "The Truth Hurts" are no coincidence as the rapper continues to tell his story and make a statement about how there Is nothing fake or fabricated about him. Everything you see is simply, the truth.

“People act like they don't know the truth, I just have to remind them, and it's really important that you know the truth because I am the truth. It's just weird because like a lot of stuff I been doing other people doing it and act like it's something newer. Like that’s kinda the reason why all my album covers I use real-life pictures so when you look at my album cover your like I remember this day this is real, there’s no photoshoot. I just want people to know that’s the truth nothing is fabricated”

While many artists drop 1 or maybe even 2 projects a year Drakeo has dropped 3 since he has come home and is already gearing up for his next one. While many may wonder what drives the rapper to put out so much music he expressed that when he was locked up he barely had any content for his fans. Now that he's out he wants to make sure he has enough music, videos plus more to last a lifetime.

“I mean I just feel like I have to, I say this all the time, when I was in jail I probably had like 3 videos I could put out, I had nothing no music. I gotta make sure I keep putting it out to if I ever die my music is going to be around forever”

While many may categorize Drakeo’s sound as “Nervous Rap”, Drakeo feels as if he is so much more than that. With three albums already out now his sound is constantly evolving and changing explaining to us he doesn’t know what to categorize himself as besides the truth.

“I mean I don’t know I don’t even know what to categorize myself as anymore I’m just the truth”.

Check out the full interview above and listen to Drakeo The Ruler’s new album “The Truth Hurts” on iHeartRadio below..

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