DBangz On Soundcloud,“The Source” Single, Buying His Family A Ranch + More!

Today we had the pleasure of having Dbangz On On The Radar today. The rapper who is best known for SoundCloud records such as "Thick N----- and Anime Tiddies", "Wet Willy", "SASUKE TOOK MY B----" is taking a new direction with his music with the release of his latest single “The Source”. Speaking with us the rapper detailed his rise to internet stardom at a young age, how he was able to buy his family a ranch thanks to the music, his upcoming project, new single + more!

While we are still in the “Soundcloud Era” of rap Dbangz has been there from the beginning having records on his account that are well over 5 years old. With Millions of plays at such a young age and records that still are used in videos, memes etc on social media the rapper explained to us how his journey begun writing raps down until his friend Snot put him on to recording and dropping music.

“I literally was 14 and my boy snot had put me on to like just rapping on a mic instead of just writing it on paper and spitting it out loud. He was new to but we were both getting into the groove of it at the same time, we had Snot featuring Dbangz records like 50 of just those and I just started promoting my stuff to people as the years went on and it just kinda took off.”

With his new single “The Source” featuring Jay Zole, Dbangz is giving fans just a taste of what is yet to come from his new project. As he has continued to grow over the past few years of releases from his “Keahonui” EP to “Been A Long Time” EP he says fans can continue to expect him to grow and take his music in new directions.

“I feel like my growth is just gonna happen naturally, and like whatever defines my next s—t as the growth will just be the growth, these songs are definitely just getting better, how were recording them, how they're getting mixed, who we’re having sing on them even, especially the features that we’re finding and how we’re finding them, and how we collaborate is NOT on the same frequency as everybody else and I feel like the collaborations are just going to keep on getting better too.”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Dbangz on iHeartRadio below…

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