Bodega Bamz On “El Camino” Album, Favorite A$AP Yams Story, Acting + More!

After releasing his new album “El Camino” at the top of 2021 we got to sit down with New York rapper Bodega Bamz about his new album, his acting career, how he feels about a lot of young latinos getting in the game, his favorite A$AP Yams story + more!

When it came to following up his 2020 “Yams Heard This” album Bodega Bamz wanted to challenge himself. While at first thinking this was going to be his final album the rapper decided to go a different route and ask himself if he only had time to make one last album how would it sound and from then on “El Camino” was born.

"Creatively the way I put together this project “El Camino” I asked myself if I’m going to make one last album how would it sound. So that’s how I kinda put it together, it started off as f--- this rap s--- I’m just going to drop one more project and be an actor full time. Clearly, the idea changed now but it started off as how would it sound if I made last project. The older I get and the more that I’m in this game we really gotta treat everything like it's your last and being what happened in 2020 it really humbled me and opened my eyes that s--- can be taken from you in a matter of seconds."

With so many young talented Latin rappers coming out of New York and across the country we asked Bamz about what he thinks about the surge of young latin talent in the game. Responding that it's beautiful to see because for a long time there wasn’t that type of representation he also adds that he looks at himself and his friends as trailblazers of the movement.

“I feel good, that’s all that it's about when me and my brother Ola came into this game we didn’t really have a lot of representation, and that was one of our focuses, we just wanted to be one of those influences that would bring more Latinos, whether it was directly through us or a domino effect. And I feel like we did that, we the trailblazers of a lot of this s---, not sound wise but just being Latinos and waving our flag and being proud of our heritage”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Bodega Bamz’ new album “El Camino” below..

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